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Water Safety for Kids

The SplashSave programme helps you become a water safe family


Did you know that over half of families do not currently receive any water safety education or support.

Our mission is to make essential water safety and learn to swim support available to everyone, we are striving to make preventable drownings a thing of the past.


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Our Programme Includes


  • 70 page illustrated book that talks through the step by step, simple to follow process.​

  • 5 quick guides for each core skill that are water proof and are easy reference in the water.

  • Certificates to engage and motivate the child.

  • A swim bag to carry it all in.

  • Our online learning programme with extra support and guidance. Fun and easy to follow videos for both adults and children.

  • Communities and parents build skills in water risk awareness, active supervision, safety around rivers, oceans and boats.

  • Social Media Support with access to others on the water safety journey.


The SplashSave Programme

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