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The SplashSave Program

Having Fun

The program includes everything communities and families need to keep their children safe around water now and in the future. We also cover Water Risks, Active Supervision, safety around rivers, the ocean and boats. We also cover how families can take an active role in their child's learn to swim journey. Both our printed and illustrated content requires no previous experience, is simple to follow and includes lots of fun games, ideal for 0-8-year-old children.

The programme includes:


  • 70 page illustrated book that talks through the step by step, simple to follow process.​

  • 5 quick guides for each core skill that are water proof and are easy reference in the water.

  • Certificates to engage and motivate the child.

  • A swim bag to carry it all in and easy for communities and partners to add local content to the package.

  • Our online learning programme with extra support and guidance. Fun and easy to follow videos for both adults and children.

  • Communities and parents build skills in water risk awareness, active supervision, safety around rivers, oceans and boats.

  • Social Media Support with access to others on the water safety journey.

  • Multiple Languages Available.

Splashsave online swimming and water safety course

Our mobile-friendly online platform equips parents and communities with essential water safety and swimming skills, regardless of location or time. Fun, informative modules - from water confidence to survival skills - help families become stronger swimmers and create safer environments.


  • Water safety basics

  • Communication & skill building

  • Fun videos for all ages

This online programme is included in all our packs, but can also be purchased seperately at the link below:

Keeping Children Safe

​We encourage parents and communities to connect with local providers, where they have access, to support their child's swimming journey in parallel to SplashSave Program.


This creates an environment where the child gets reinforcement and therefore added value as they go through their swimming journey. This also encourages more visits to the pool.

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