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Water safety for all New Zealanders is essential. The good news? Learning water safety can be a lot of fun!

Working together for the next generation


Get involved by helping make these life saving resources available to everyone!

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Parents & Families

Purchase your own SplashSave Programme.

This includes SplashSave Online Programme 



Expires 1 October 2024


Now only $69.90

A happy - water safe SplashSave family about to teach their child to swim

Having fun is the most important principle in the SplashSave Programme, and fun is all about play. Make your local pool the weekly play date with your friends and family. Club together and buy 10 programmes, and unlock bigger discounts

A parent teaching their child swimming and water safety using SplashSave

Purchase 10 Pack Bundle

This includes SplashSave Digital Programme 



Expires 1 October 2024

Now only $599


Early Childhood Education Centres

Cost is a barrier to being water safe to many families and children! ​


Provide a Water Safe "library" system at your ECE that can be lent or gifted to families that need that extra bit of support.​ Buy, or get funded to buy, 30 SplashSave Programmes for your families & community.

One of the SplashSave water safe ECE centers showing off their programs allowing their children to learn to swim

Got a bigger vision than the 30 SplashSave Bundle? Tell us what you're thinking and we can help. Larger Bundle Deals available on request


Now only $1,497

Expires 1 October 2024



Purchase your Water Safe ECE Bundle 30 Programmes



Community Activations

A SplashSave community group proudly holding their SplashSave programs after a water safety and learn to swim activation

Raising awareness and connecting communities with their local pool facilities is at the heart of helping every child gain access to this life saving learning.


The more families we can reach who are currently missing out .... the better!

We offer tailored support to activate your community. These include community events at the local pool, community awareness campaigns and gifting SplashSave Programmes to your local Early Childhood Education Centres and Schools.


No request is too small or big and we will help you activate your community. ​Access our Funding Application Service, We will help organise fun days at the pool and awareness raising through social media, wider media and our connections across the water safety industry.

Happy students, children and parents learning to swim and water safety

Swim Schools & Pools

Strengthen your community. Become a SplashSave partner.

A community activation in progress

We help swim schools become community hubs, offering lifesaving water safety programs.


Our expertise:

  1. Reaching Underserved Communities: Engage high-risk groups and empower your facility.

  2. Grow & Connect: Increase utilisation, build stronger community ties.

  3. Turnkey Programs: Implement our programs and train your staff to run open sessions.

Ready to Empower Your Community?

Fill out our form to connect with a SplashSave team member. We'll discuss your needs and leverage our experience to create the best outcome for your community.


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